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How to Become a Volunteer Doula

Step 1.  
Attend the University of Utah volunteer doula workshop OR attend a certified birth doula training through an accredited agency DONA, CAPPA,... etc.

Step 2. 
Email UofUdoulas@gmail.com and let us know what training you have completed so we can let the Volunteer services know.

Step 3. 
Become a Volunteer through the University of Utah Hospital (background checks can take from 4-6 weeks before you are cleared as a volunteer so get started ASAP). Here is the link for the University of Utah Hospital Volunteer Application.
 * Side Note: To be a volunteer you have to have updated immunizations and the Flu Shot (This is Hospital Policy)  

Step 4. 
After you have been cleared as a Volunteer you will need to attend a Labor and Delivery Orientation for 4 hours. This is where you learn how the hospital works and where to find Doula materials.

Step 5. 
Sign up for Volunteer hours through google calendar which you will receive access to after you have been cleared as a volunteer. Shifts are "On Call" for 12 hours from 8am - 8pm OR 8pm - 8am. You will need to sign up 2 times a month for the first 4 months of volunteering and 1 time a month thereafter. We ask you to commit to the program for at least 6 months.

Have any questions? email us! uofudoulas@gmail.com

We are excited to have you as part of our team.

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