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A doula is a person who assists a woman before, during, and after childbirth by providing physical, emotional, and informational support.

Studies have shown that when doulas assist women during childbirth, labors are shorter, with fewer complications; and babies are healthier and breastfeed more easily.

Under the direction of the Birthcare Healthcare Midwives, a volunteer doula program was established at the University of Utah Hospital. This program began in order to provide doulas for mothers who have been admitted to the Labor & Delivery unit, who could use support during their labor, but would otherwise be unable to pay for the care of a doula.

The team of volunteer doulas is made up of students, professionals, and other local individuals who have an interest in supporting women during the birth process. Each year, the doula program recruits interested individuals and provides a free training workshop. 

If you are interested in volunteering with this program--whether or not you are a trained doula-- please contact us at uofudoulas@gmail.com!

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